We Need Your Support Now More than Ever

We Need Your Support Now More than Ever

We proudly protect our communities, children, and families, despite the difficult year the brave men and women of Law Enforcement has had to face. It is not an easy job, but we wear our badge with a humble pride and seek to make the community we share a safer place to live and work. That’s why I am asking for your help.


At the time you receive this letter there have been 134 line of dutydeaths of Law Enforcement officers across the US, which is up 63% from last year.

We Need Your Support Now More than Ever.


We appreciate any support, especially during this time.  By working together we can improve our community and make a difference for those citizens that need it the most this holiday season.  As an officer and as president of the Kern Law Enforcement Association I would like to sincerely thank you for continued support.

We are embarking on our annual fundraiser and we are asking you to please donate to help us make a difference.  YOUR generous donation will also support various worthy causes, like community outreach programs, and families in need in our community.

Join me and support our officers and community this holiday season by making a donation today.

Your generosity will make a difference that will benefit all Officers’, our fallen heroes, and the community we share.  Become a hero in the lives of those in need!

Let’s join together and support our officers and community.



David Kessler,
President Kern Law Enforcement Association

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